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App review – Elevate

I’ve recently been trying out an app which tests and trains your skills in Maths and Language. It’s called Elevate and it’s the bomb!

Recommended by Kōrero for advanced English learners in particular, Elevate can be used by anyone who is fairly confident in their English skills. Just remember, if you’re getting low results, don’t worry!!! Elevate is designed for native English speakers, so just keep on playing and you’ll get better and better!

I’m especially impressed (as an English teacher) by the language side of the app. I’ll be talking mainly about these skills in this article. It trains in “reading”, “writing” and “speaking”, although since it’s a “cognitive training app” and not aimed at teaching English as a second language, you’ll find they’re not the reading, writing and speaking skills you’re used to.

Each skill is trained by playing games. Which immediately made it jump out at me. The games focus on activities and skills such as quick recall of vocabulary, skim reading, scanning, editing and proofreading, knowledge of phrases, eloquence… the list goes on! You can check out the app here: ((( CLICK ME )))

You can try Elevate for free for 15 days. Go try it out!

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