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Halloween in the kids´classes!

In the last couple of weeks, we have worked on all sorts of projects in the kids classes: Spooky and fun Halloween activities!

We made Mummy hands, spider webs, picture books and bouncy ghosts! We played halloween themed games, sang halloween songs, and learned a whole lot of exciting new vocabulary. Yep, Halloween is a great time for English lessons. Once a year, it´s an entire topic all laid out, with unending fun activities to use in a class.

The kids absolutely adored the Mummy hands (made by trying our own hands onto a piece of paper, adding some wild colours, then gluing lots of toilet paper all over the place to act as bandages), probably because of the messy procedure of ripping up the toilet paper and and dipping it, and fingers into a pot of glue before slathering it all onto their art.



The spider webs were only for the older children, since they were made mostly out of silicone from a hot glue gun. Here are a couple of exhibits… Next time I have to remember to take more photos!!!


The picture books were not as huge of a hit, but the kids enjoyed telling each other their very own spooky stories along with the illustrations, and they served for a lot of good conversation as well as inventive story telling!


Finally there were the bouncy ghosts! These went down especially well with the younger children who enjoyed the repetitive vocabulary of “cut, cut, cut”, “spiral, spiral, spiral”, “around, around, around” “bounce, bounce, bounce”… As well as (of course) the final product, and being able to show them of to their parents by wriggling them round on the strings! If only I had taken more photos of these as well! These few examples are just that: examples that I made to show the children what they were making.


Not to mention the bingo cards! I used the same sheets last year, and this time around they were just as effective! Kids love Bingo. When English is turned into a game, people barely realise that they are learning new words and practising new and old structures.


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